Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kuina itu adalah aku

Aku search kat google nick aku 'Kuina' tp tak sangka ini lah watak aku & aku adalah watak ini... hehehe

Kuina (くいな) was the childhood friend of Roronoa Zoro.


The Marine officer Tashigi bears a strong resemblance to Kuina (in appearance, personality, and sword style), to the point where it makes Zoro extremely uncomfortable around her. However, she is not believed to have any greater connection with Kuina than that.


She was the daughter of Koshiro, the sword master of the dojo where Zoro was trained and the reason why Zoro developed the Santōryū technique and he treasures one of his swords, the Wadō Ichimonji, more than his others. In life she was always living with the knowledge that, being a woman, the older she got, the more difficult would be for her to compete with other men. This would force her to give up the swordsman's life. Eventually, Zoro made her believe that its willpower, not strength, that makes a swordsman.

Abilities and Powers

Kuina was undoubtfully the strongest among her fellow trainees in her father's

dojo, being able to overpower even the adults. Also, she was getting stronger and stronger in order not to let her main rival, Zoro, catch up to her. Since she died, it is not possible to know how strong she would have become, although, as she stated herself, she might not have been able to keep up to male swordsmen while turning into a woman. However, she could have been even stronger than Zoro, since Zoro got that ispiration for his willpower from her.


Inilah rupa Kuina
Comel kan..... hehehe..
jom main pedang!


~mrs azmi~ said...

wah comel!^_^

adakah benar dalam realitinya secomel itew??

oppss! (sambil larik kerana dikejar dengan parang oleh kuina^^ larik..larik..)

Mas said...

comel lah....lebih comel dari gambo tu.(komen lepas dapat mangga...wink wink wink)

DrSam said...

kuina a lady swordmaster...cute!

khaLifah feDi said...

kak red pandai mem pedang tak? pisau pun okeh jugak hee~

denaihati said...

power tu .....

Nizam.Ariff said...

Salam ziarah.
Aku takut pegang pedang, takut nanti ada yang terluka hatinya...

dark said...

oo kakak, name pedang buluh tu `kendo`..hehehe..onepiece?yeaarrgghhh!!

Anis Mohd said...

baca bnd ni , trs dpt agak .
ni mst cite monkey d luffy tuh .
kuina tu terer gile lahh

ONE ZABA said...

comel lagi yg asal!

syah shah said...

comel masa kecil, sayang tak sempat membesar... kalau tak mesti comel jugak macam kuIna... Heheheheheh :D :D

Dee said...

eee..cutenyer..kartun jepun mmg cute2..kuina pun cute gak..hehehe..

CuTeMiUt78 said...

wah... memang tomey gitu.. :D


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